Inventory Management System

The system offers you a comprehensive solution for efficiently and effectively managing your business inventory. It allows for precise monitoring and tracking of your products, with the capability to receive instant alerts when a product’s quantity reaches its specified minimum limit. The system also enables flexible inventory adjustments, whether based on quantity or cost, with the option to customize reasons for adjustments and configure their settings.

Managing your products is made easy through the creation of main and sub-categories and the definition of multiple measurement unit templates that suit your products. You can also add all your products with their details, including barcodes, quantity, and selling price, and feature the entry of a single product that carries several attributes where each attribute has its own barcode and specific selling price. Moreover, you can define several different products with a specific hashtag and brands, which assists in organizing and managing your products with ease. 

The system offers comprehensive reports such as inventory reports, item movement, item age, turnover rate, and many other reports, helping you achieve efficiency and success in your operations. Discover more about our advanced inventory management experience with us.

Latest Purchase Orders in XSEEN System

Multiple Attributes for a Single Product

If you have a single product with multiple attributes, you don’t need to define each attribute as a separate product… The XSEEN system provides you with the capability to enter more than one attribute for a single product, whether it be size, color, flavor, or any type of attribute that suits your inventory products. Each attribute of the product will have its own quantity, price, and barcode in tabs designated for each attribute, which assists you in streamlining operations and generating accurate reports on the most active and best-selling product attributes.

Product Variables in XSEEN ERP System

Flexibility in Managing Product Measurement Units

The inventory in the XSEEN system offers effective optimization in managing units for products. You can add multiple units for the same product, such as ‘piece’ and ‘carton,’ with the ability to specify a sale price and a custom barcode for each measurement unit. Additionally, you can set different price groups for each unit of measurement, providing you with flexibility in pricing and effectively meeting the diverse needs of the market.

Product Units in XSEEN ERP System

Product Splitting, Bundling, and Merging

Easily split products if you have an item consisting of a set of different products, where the system allows you to specify the quantity to be split and distribute the cost of the split product to the new products. Conversely, you can bundle several products into one product as a set with a specified quantity to meet the needs of offers and promotional campaigns, while maintaining the remaining quantities of the individual products. To simplify the tracking and management process, the system provides a feature to merge several products mistakenly repeated in your inventory into one product, with the option to choose the main product among them, enhancing the overall efficiency of managing your products

Inventory Reconciliation and Adjustments

The XSEEN system provides you with significant flexibility in reconciling and adjusting inventory according to the needs and circumstances of your business. Whether the reconciliation relates to the quantity of inventory or its cost, or even adjustments related to both quantity and cost, you can set the optimal adjustment for various situations through customizing the reasons for adjustments and setting their configurations to match the details of your business activity. In the case of inventory reconciliation during stocktaking, the system adjusts the quantity by calculating the difference between the actual entered quantity and the book quantity. In cases of damage or loss, the system simplifies your work by entering only the affected quantities and automatically adjusts the book quantity accurately. The system also automatically creates an accounting entry upon posting, ensuring the accuracy of accounting records and their compliance with changes in inventory.

Barcode Settings with Ease and Flexibility

The XSEEN system offers advanced capabilities in barcode settings, allowing you to easily specify and organize barcode label fields according to your business policy. The system also enables you to create custom barcode templates for each branch, contributing to improved product identification processes and efficient inventory management. Additionally, the platform provides the flexibility to modify each barcode template, including font size, length, width, encoding type, and more, with the ability to preview barcode modifications to ensure an appropriate design that ideally meets your business needs.

Ordering Barcode Fields in XSEEN ERP system
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Enhancing the Efficiency of Inventory Transfers

The XSEEN system provides an inventory transfer feature that enables easy movement of items between branches and locations. It also allows for the execution of inventory disbursement orders and inventory supply orders, in addition to the ability to return transfers. These transfers and orders are accurately tracked using a special intermediary account for the purpose of tracking and avoiding potential errors during inventory audits or the closing of the financial period. The intermediary account is settled upon receipt. Additionally, the system enables the adjustment of the policy to comply with the quantity upon receipt, thereby increasing the effectiveness and accuracy of your inventory management.

Internal Transfer in XSEEN ERP system

Comprehensive and Detailed Inventory Reports

The XSEEN system offers comprehensive and detailed inventory reports to help you analyze inventory performance with precision. This includes a comprehensive inventory report, item movements, most active items, stagnant items, item ages, negative items, inventory balances, and a receipt and purchase order matching report, among others. These reports provide you with a holistic view of the inventory status and enable you to make informed strategic decisions to improve inventory management and achieve efficiency in your operations.

Inventory Reports in XSEEN ERP system

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